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Exterminator Training

If you apply pesticides commercially and you are not a technician or trainee, you need a Pesticide Exterminator licence from the Ministry of Environment Climate Change (MOECC) which authorizes you to apply pesticides according to your licence.  All new exterminators are required to successfully complete a certification exam prior to obtaining the exterminator licence from the MOECC.


Man spraying pesticide on bushes

Technician Training

Unlicensed assistants, working without onsite direct supervision will have to successfully complete a training program which includes taking a MOECC approved pesticide safety course and practical training from a licensed exterminator to become a technician.  Technicians can apply pesticides with specific restrictions of duties under the supervision of a licensed exterminator, who must visit at least once a week to observe the application.  Unlicensed assistants who have not completed the training to become technicians must be directly supervised by a licensed exterminator at all times and are known as trainees.