Why Certification?

The purpose of certification is to ensure a sound level of competence by all commercial pesticide exterminators.  Professional exterminators must be knowledgeable about:

  • safety precautions
  • proper use and handling of pesticides
  • current Ontario legislation governing pesticide use
  • managing pest problems through an integrated pest management approach
  • environmental protection, and
  • pesticide labels.


If you apply pesticides commercially and you are not a technician or trainee, you need a Pesticide Exterminator licence from the Ministry of Environment (MOE) which authorizes you to apply pesticides according to your licence. All new exterminators are required to successfully complete a certification exam prior to obtaining the exterminator licence from the MOE.

To become a new licensed exterminator:
  • Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification (OPT&C) will provide you with the educational material and schedule an exam for a total cost of $165. Apply online for your pesticide certification or fill out the application form.
  • When you have successfully completed certification through OPT&C you must apply to the MOE for an exterminator licence. Complete the Application for a Pesticide Exterminator Licence and mail to the address on the form.


To become a licensed exterminator in Ontario, if you are already licensed/certified in another province or territory:

  • Complete the order form for the purchase of Ontario exterminator educational materials (the Core Manual which contains information relevant to all exterminators and a Licence Category Specific Module which contains information relevant to the licence class you already hold).
  • Read and review the study materials that will be sent to you.
  • Become knowledgeable about the legislation and regulations that govern the practice of the occupation of exterminators in Ontario. Copies of the Pesticides Act and Ontario Regulation 63/09 can be downloaded from http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/index.html
  • Complete a form from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment indicating that you have obtained and are knowledgeable about the relevant materials.
  • Have your home province or territory (the out-of-province regulatory authority) sign and complete a form indicating that your licence/certification has not been expired, or been cancelled or revoked. The form is available from the MOE. Alternatively, the out-of-province regulatory authority can write a letter on their letterhead providing the same information.
  • Submit these forms along with a copy of your existing licence/certificate and receipt of the training materials to the MOE's Standard Development Branch.

Contact the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Standards Development Branch at 416-327-5519 for more information and to obtain the forms.


If you are charging for your spraying services, you must have an MOE Operator Licence or be working for someone who holds one. For more information on your Operator Licence, please contact the Ministry of the Environment's Approvals Access and Service Integration Branch at 1-800-461-6290. Print a copy of the Application for a Pesticide Operators (Business) Licence.


Unlicensed assistants, working without onsite direct supervision will have to successfully complete a training program which includes taking a Ministry of the Environment approved pesticide safety course and practical training from a licensed exterminator to become technicians. Technicians can apply pesticides with specific restrictions of duties under the supervision of a licensed exterminator, who must visit at least once a week to observe the application. Unlicensed assistants who have not completed the training to become technicians must be directly supervised by a licensed exterminator at all times and are known as trainees.